The Sean Ramsden Award - Dean Spirito

Park & Pipe

The Sean Ramsden Award

for Coach of the Year

Dean Spirito

It is with great pleasure Team Summit Colorado would like to announce Dean Spirto as Coach of the Year!

Dean Spirito Began his career with Team Summit Colorado 5 years ago as an ITS coach.  Through his passion, positive nature, and dedication, Dean now serves Slopestyle and Halfpipe athletes as Head Park and Pipe FIS coach.

Dean’s continued passion to make great humans has inspired athlete success from ITS through to The US Freeski Team.  His time competing for Columbia University and working with Team Summit Colorado has taught him to coach athletes for the long game.  Patience, creativity, and a growth mindset are more important than any individual win.

Thank you Dean Spirito for the passion, dedication, energy, and professionalism you bring to the field every day!

Sean Ramsden Award for Coach of the Year

This award is presented to an individual who exudes leadership and sets a high standard for others.  This award is presented to the coach that instills in their athletes the passion, dedication, positivity and skills to compete and reach beyond their personal podiums. The ideal candidate for this award will have accomplished this while showing their own love and passion for the sport in a fun and youthful manner.