The Sean Ramsden

Daniel McFadden

The Sean Ramsden Award

For Coach of the Year

Daniel McFadden

Daniel started with Team Summit as a U10 Alpine athlete, rising through the ranks as a promising young racer, until his passion for steeps, powder and air, drew his attention to the Big Mountain relm where he excelled as an athlete and team leader. After college in Utah, Daniel came right back to Team Summit in a coaching role and quickly stepped up as a leader and eventually as, Head Coach. This Season, Daniel managed his largest group ever, on 3 event tours while keeping home training going with a thin staff.  The athletes excelled, his coaches stepped up, and the families had a blast. Daniel's dedication, compassion and enthusiasm are an example for us all. Thanks for a great year!

Sean Ramsden Award for Coach of the Year
This award is presented to an individual who exudes leadership and sets a high standard for others.  This award is presented to the coach that instills in their athletes, the passion, dedication, positivity, and skills to compete and reach beyond their personal podiums. The ideal candidate for this award will have accomplished this while showing their own love and passion for the sport in a fun and youthful manner.