SHS Ski/Snowboard Rack Project

Thanks to Patricia Oliver, who’s son attends SHS as a Team Summit Academic Athlete, for getting the SHS Ski/Snowboard Rack project underway with the recommendation of Adam Jones, a skilled woodworker. Adam is consistently invested in our Summit County community, always ready to help and support anyone in need, and one of those individuals who you can regularly count on. Adam worked tirelessly producing two racks by hand for our SHS Academic Athletes. But the project wouldn’t have been complete without the donation of wood that was reclaim from forest service fire mitigation work on peak 6/7 from friend Dave Hatfield, Patricia’s husband.


Summit High School would like to thank Team Summit and volunteers Adam and Dave for the time, materials, and talent necessary for the donated, hand-built ski/snowboard racks. They look amazing and the athletes are superexcited to be using them. Doug Blake, assistant principal, said, "Over the past seven years we have been looking for new ways to store skis and snowboards in a safe and welcoming way for our student athletes. The racks are now a permit fixture in our student entry and have been built to reflect the resilience of our competitors while reflecting a significant element of our mountain culture.


A huge thank you to Adam, Dave and Patricia for making this happen for SHS Team Summit Academic Athletes! We are grateful for all your support and efforts for the success of Team Summit.