Alpine Update - September 26, 2022 - Equipment and Licensing


Team Summit Alpine Update - September 26, 2022 - Equipment and Licensing

With the winter soon to kick off, now is the time to check that your equipment is ready and that your US Ski and Snowboard membership is up to date.
After you receive your new equipment, you will need to set-up skis and boots for the season. New ski prep and boot fitting are best done by your shop professional. Daily ski maintenance is a skill that any adult and more mature athlete can learn. Read below for more information about tuning.
Boots must be properly sized by an experienced professional racer and any custom fit work done to eliminate pressure points or loose spots. It is not recommended that alignment work (canting) is done or that custom footbeds are used. Skiers younger than 14 age generally do not require alignment work. Medical orthotics prescribed by a podiatrist should be fitted in all footwear including ski boots. Coaches will check alignment of our U16 and older athletes and will identify any possible issues to address in younger skiers when we get on snow.

Please check your registration status with US Ski and Snowboard. All SRD, Age Class and Ability athletes must have an “Alpine Competitor” License to compete. The “Early Bird” deadline is October 15!
US Ski and Snowboard Membership Information:
Please read all of the information below and reach out to your respective Head Coaches with any questions or for additional information.
Aldo Radamus
Alpine Director
Contacts for your Head Coach or Administration:
Membership Services:
Academic Services:
Athletic Trainers:
In This Update:
- Equipment Information
- Classifieds
- TSC loaner skis for SG/DH
- Ski Donations Requested
- Ski Maintenance
- Shop Ski Tuning Programs
- Edge Grinders for at Home Use

Equipment Information
If you still have equipment to acquire you can find help in several places. The Team Summit website has much information on equipment needed for each program Navigate to your program and click on “Equipment” for the program specific drop-down.
Information on the equipment offered by various ski racing manufacturers including sizing charts is found in a shared foklder here (The sizing guide found on the final page of the Rossignol Catalog is the most thorough and can be used universally): You will also find current catalogs of several wax and tool manufacturers.
More specific recommendations on the selection, set-up and maintenance of equipment, is available in the document here:
US Ski and Snowboard Equipment Rules for racing equipment by age group can be found here (There have been no regulation changes from the date of this document):
Team Summit hosts a Facebook Classifieds page where members can exchange or buy and sell race gear: Please submit your request to be added to the group and then browse listings, post items to give away or sell and items you are looking for.
Ski and Snowboard Club Vail also maintains a classifieds page on FB. You may find items you’re looking for there. Please do not post items for sale on SSCV’s page:
TSC loaner skis for SG/DH
Team Summit maintains a limited inventory of skis that are loaned out for Super G and/or Downhill to reduce the need for purchases of equipment that will be used for a limited number of days by most athletes.
Ski Donations Requested
Team Summit accepts and encourages donations of suitable skis to its inventory and provides a donation letter for tax use. Please contact coach Heath to coordinate drop-off of returned or donated skis, to request SG or DH skis for loan from our inventory or other equipment related questions.
Ski Maintenance
Daily ski maintenance is critical for ski racers of all ages. This is THE most productive and significant support a parent can provide their ski racer.
Most racers will not have the attention to detail or dexterity to properly prepare their skis until they are U16 age or older. Professional services, combined with daily maintenance at home is a cost-effective approach to having perfectly prepared equipment on a daily basis for training and racing.
A typical ski maintenance program would involve professional initial ski set-up followed by daily maintenance with bevel guide and stones for 3-5 times, re-sharpening with a home edge grinder (See below for several options and Team Summit Discounts) or hand file, followed again with daily maintenance with bevel guide and stones for 3-5 times. Following 3-5 cycles of re-sharpening and 3-5 sessions of daily maintenance, the skis should again be professionally serviced as described in the Shop Ski Tuning Programs offered below.
Daily waxing and scraping with an inexpensive Base Wax will protect the bases and ensure skis remain clean and fast.
For those interested in exploring both basics and minutiae of ski preparation, an excellent set of 3-5 minute videos covering all details can be found here: The creator of the video series - Jim Schaffner - will also offer an in-person clinic to Team Summit this November in Summit County. Look for details later this fall.
Shop Ski Tuning Programs
In order to facilitate an economical yearly tuning program, we are pleased to present several options for you to consider. Our partner shops; Podium Sports in Frisco and A Racer's Edge in Breckenridge and for our front range families, Denver Sports Lab in Golden are offering a package including the following:

1. Initial new ski Set-up
- Grinding the ski flat
- Hand shaping of the ski
- Removing excess sidewall
- Setting base and edge bevels
- Two Wax cycles
2. Mid-Season
- Re-grinding of the ski and setting base bevels
- Repair of minor base damage
- Shaping and removing sidewall as necessary
- Adjusting base structure for the season
- Two Wax cycles
3. Spring
- Same as Mid-season
- Spring snow base structure

With professional ski service three times per season and diligent, daily maintenance, every pair of skis can be prepared to a professional standard. It is impossible to overstate the importance of properly prepared equipment for every day of skiing.
This 3 service program is being offered at the following cost per pair of skis:
A Racer's Edge - $270
Podium Sports - $300
Denver Sports Lab - $250
There are various other options available at each tuning center and slight differences in the provided services. The services at each of these shops is of the highest quality. Please contact your preferred provider below to sign up for a program.
Chuck Ginsburg
A Racer's Edge
114 Lincoln Avenue
PO Box 270
Breckenridge, CO  80424
Shop: 970-453-7600
Cell: 970-390-5600
Jared Hawn
Podium Sports 
711 Granite Street, Frisco, CO 80443
Shop: 970-668-9996
Cell: 970-393-0066
Leif Sunde
Denver Sports Lab
15744 W 6th Ave Frontage Rd #5049 
Golden, CO 80401 
Cell: 720-383-8999
Edge Grinders for at Home Use
An edge grinder can help even novice tuners prepare a world class edge race skis. While initially more expensive than hand files, a grinder will provide many years of use and can also be handed down or sold to the next generation.
A grinder that rests on the base while sharpening the side edge provides the greatest ease of use and shortest learning curve.
Snowglide has two excellent tools in the Af-C and Rhombus and have offered Team Summit Discounts of $100 off a Af-C ($1800 after discount) and $75 off a Rhombus ($824 after discount). Contact Thor at and reference Team Summit to order and receive the discount.
Black Diamond manufactures a grinder similar to the AF-C as a lower cost option: Black Diamond is offering Team Summit a $300 discount on their edge grinder ($975 after discount). Contact David at and reference Team Summit to order and receive the discount.