U.S. Ski & Snowboard Names Top Clubs For 2021-22

Team Summit ( Alpine )  Awarded U.S. Ski & Snowboard Names Top Clubs For 2021-22​​​​​​​

Alpine - Team Summit Colorado, Copper Mountain, Colo. (Gold Certified Club)
Team Summit Colorado was named Alpine Club of the Year. Under the leadership of Executive Director CB Bechtel and Alpine Director Aldo Radamus, the club has developed a strong culture in its alpine ski racing program and has created cost-effective, local programs for Summit County athletes.

Team Summit was recognized for providing a place in its program for every athlete to find their own level of excellence. The result has been Team Summit athletes achieving notable success and finding the podium at every level. Out of this past season, Team Summit qualified four athletes to the National Development Group, as well as qualifying three athletes each for the U18 and U16 national championships.

The club is an active participant in hosting divisional relationships, utilizing its relationships with several local resorts. Its volunteer officials are well educated. Radamus and other club officials are also active on divisional, regional and national committees, as well as engaging in national projects - always looking for ways to help grow the sport.

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