VSF & The End Of The Season

Wrapping up the season and your VSF

VSF (Volunteer Service Fee) is a program Team Summit Colorado uses to encourage volunteering at our Fundraisers and Hosted competitions. The hours worked by you and the community help us A.) raise funds for Scholarships and general operations and B.) reduce the need for high costs associated with traveling to competitions.


How does VSF work?
Upon registration, each family pays a “VSF deposit” of $250 for Devo and Intro programs or $300 for all other programs.  There is only one fee per family.
This deposit can be returned at the end of the season based on the rate of $10/hr.
All of the hours are tracked in CampMinder under the Volunteer Tab.


What are things my family should know about VSF?
First, anyone with 15 to compete hours (25 or 30) will receive 50% of their VSF credited back to their CampMinder account. (This is a partial credit.)

Anyone below 15 hours will not receive VSF credit. Anyone over the VSF requirement will get the full VSF credit.

Hours are tracked on your CampMinder account and managed by the Events Manager. Longtime Team Summit families generally check their hours as the winter season starts wrapping up to ensure the hours listed on CampMinder match what they have done throughout the season.

We encourage all families to double check their hours and email events@teamsummit.org with any questions regarding a discrepancy in the CampMinder record.


What happens to the VSF at the end of the season?
Any family receiving VSF credit at the end of the season can expect a survey email from events@teamsummit.org.  This email will let you know whether you are receiving full or partial credit.  It will also ask you what you would like to do with your VSF credit such as:

  1. Roll the VSF credit to next season
  2. Request a check (checks are mailed to the family’s address on CampMinder unless otherwise stated - if you choose this option, please ensure your address is correct in your account)
  3. Donate it to Team Summit


What happens if I do not respond to the email about the VSF credit?
If we don’t get a response from the email, we typically reach out by phone. If we don’t get a response, then the VSF credit is automatically rolled to the next season.


What if I have specific questions about my family’s VSF?
Easy! Email events@teamsummit.org with your questions!