Congratulations Graduates!

Congratulations to the Class of 2020

Case Arends
Tommy Brown
Paige Burke
Char Campbell
Magnus Crone
Gabe Dalrymple
Violet Heisler
Jake Lau
Kuba Marusarz
Jenna McMurtey
Jordan McMurtry
River Mentch
Abby Schierholz
John Strabel
Hails Traficanti
Ellie Weiler

Case Arends

Congratulations Case!  Thank you so much for the legacy you have created for the Big Mountain Program.  We wish you the best of luck in California.  

From Case

Case has been skiing with the Big Mountain Team since the age of 12.  His favorite TS memories will always come from (i) the many team trips and camps at resorts all over the western US and in Canada and (ii) his amazing life-long TS friends.  Lots of life lessons are learned in the Team House!  Case will be attending the University of California—Berkeley in the fall.

From Case's Coaches

The Arend’s family has left behind a legacy, especially in the Big Mountain program.  It has been a lot of years watching Case grow up and transform into the funny, supportive, and intelligent young man he has become.  This last season was a special highlight watching Case gain some confidence in his skiing; the skis started to go a bit faster, airs became a bit bigger, and on one occasion the skis almost went over his head.  No doubt will we miss his witty remarks in the daily morning stretch, but they will never be too far as his roots lie at Arapahoe Basin.

Thomas Brown

Congratulations Big Mountain Tommy!  Thank you so much for enriching our team.  We wish you the best in future endeavors.  

From Tommy's Coaches

Big Mountain Tommy is my favorite nickname for him because it’s kind of ironic to me. Tommy is such a good snowboarder in so many aspects. He would ride through the park and do some impressive tricks while also putting his own style on them. The irony of it all is that he wouldn’t ride the park that much. I’d be standing there with the kids who ride park all the time, and we’d watch Tommy do a stylish front 3 with a mute grab, or an underflip we had never seen him do, and the kids would say “Where did that come from?!” Of course, my response was “Yep, that’s Big Mountain Tommy!” Whether he knew it or not, he definitely inspired his teammates to push themselves when they saw him riding.

Paige Burke

If there was one word I could describe Paige with it would probably be unbreakable. Maybe not in the physical sense, and to say that we try and “break” people mentally would be terrible, but more so in the fact that she wouldn’t back down from any challenge.  Paige joined our program for this year, and only this year as she was a senior.  It’s hard to fathom the courage to join a competitive ski program for the first time as a senior, but Paige did it without batting an eye.  From the early season one-ski drills to countless crashes throughout the season, Paige dug her toes in and continued on down her path to self-righteousness through skiing.  A lot of me wishes we had her in the program for more than just this year, but the other part of me knows that she’s stronger than ever and ready to tackle the next chapter in life.  Paige will undoubtedly continue through any struggle or challenge in life with pure, raw, unadulterated perseverance just as she did this first and final season with us.

Magnus Crone

Congratulations Magnus!  Your time with our team has been incredible!  Thank you so much for adding to our program.  We wish you the best in your future collegiate endeavors.

From Magnus

I started skiing with Team summit on the Alpine team at age 6 and then switched to free skiing/moguls at age 11.  I seriously like the skiing with my friends while on Team Summit. There are many memories all the numerous trips to different ski resorts, Park City Olympic training Center, and of course Mount Hood. I remember as a youngster skiing with Wheels in the Outback and there being a foot or more of snow, that was a blast. I remember reaching for a xtra large Sugar free Red Bull when my coaches said “no more sugar!”


I am planning on going to IUPUI and studying Bowling Management and Technology. My future goal is to insight a revolution in China. Following the downfall of the government, I will seize power and begin my path to world domination. By the age of 24 I will have conquered the planet and will be able to ski whenever and wherever I want.

Gabe Dalrymple

Congratulations Gabe!  Over the last 6 years we have had the privilege of watching you grow up to be a great snowboard and, more importantly, a great human being!  We wish you the best of luck in your collegiate endeavors. 

From Gabe

My time on Team Summit has been truly something special - the experiences that I’ve had riding, training, and competing have been a significant part of my life and have really shaped who I am today. I started snowboarding in 2013, and I joined Team Summit the following year for the 2014/15 season. When I first joined, I was still in many ways a beginner - I could carve and ride most terrain on the mountain, but that was about the extent of my skills. Team Summit does an amazing job at training kids in fundamentals, and I was no exception. The skills I learned that first year set the foundation for the next five years, and enabled me to take my snowboarding skills to a higher level than I could’ve ever thought possible. 


I got my first taste of snowboarding competition the same year that I joined Team Summit - USASA held a couple boardercross races at Copper that year which I entered, and although I placed pretty terribly against a lot of local riders, I was hooked on competition. Over the next couple years, I really discovered my passion for racing boardercross, and with a lot of training from some amazing Team Summit coaches, reached a point where I was competitive with some of the top junior riders. Last year’s USASA Nationals at Copper felt like the event where the work that I had put in had built up to - I had come off of a crazy progressive season where I’d moved up to compete in USASA Open Class, raced and qualified for my first NorAm events, and started training with Team Summit four days a week. I finished 11th in Open Class against a stacked field of U.S. team members, Olympians, top up-and-coming juniors, and snowboardcross veterans - my best nationals finish and a result I’m really proud of. Back in 2014, I looked around at my competitors, most of whom had been riding for years longer than I had, and never would’ve thought that I’d be racing at the level that I was at this year and last.


I really want to highlight my coaches here - Over the past couple of years, I think I’ve ridden with almost all the coaches at one point or another, and I’d love to highlight how each one who has helped me has contributed to my riding. Sam was my first coach on Team Summit, and gave me the best fundamentals I could’ve ever have asked for, whether it was learning how to land 360s, sliding rails, or being introduced to boardercross. The next year, riding a ton of Big Mountain with Jen helped my all-mountain board skills progress, and I got super comfortable riding steeps, trees, cliffs, and more. My coach Kevin Bentley pushed me in so many ways, both physically and mentally. With KB, I learned to control my riding in many aspects, whether it was edge angles, body movement, or just going fast. Travis Norton, my coach for the last two seasons, has been amazing to work with - no matter if it was in the park, on the race course or in deep powder, it’s been awesome having a coach as cool to ride with and as skilled on a snowboard as Travis. 


Not all my coaches have been my “designated“ coaches, however, and I don’t think this would be complete if I didn’t mention all of the other people that have helped me. I’ve had the opportunity to shred with so many coaches, and I think this would go on forever if I went into detail about every one I’ve had the pleasure of riding with, but I’d still like to highlight a couple here. JW Wong, who took over the boardercross program this year, coached me at all my boardercross competitions this season, and his dedication and love for the sport gave me the best possible 2020 competition season I could’ve asked for - Team Summit boardercross is in good hands. Josh Underwood has always been the go-to coach to ride with if I was ever preparing for a freestyle contest, or even just to shred with on any occasion. The fun energy he brings while still making his group some of the best riders on the mountain is a prime example of a true coach. Finally, I’d like to highlight snowboarding director Matt Voegtle. Matt has been the coach I’ve probably ridden with the longest - from taking laps with him during my first season to having him as a full coach for part of the 2018 season, he’s always been an amazing coach. The training that I’ve had under Matt - in park, pipe, big mountain, and boardercross - has truly been the epitome of quality training. Once again, I’d like to thank my coaches, both official and unofficial, who’ve helped make me the snowboarder I am today.


My future plans are a bit unknown right now - With the pandemic going on right now, I’m still deciding on where, if anywhere, I go to college next fall. I’ve been accepted into Colorado School of Mines and the University of Rochester, and plan on going into mechanical engineering once I enter college. Although I think my days of pushing in competitive boardercross are over, I plan on continuing to snowboard when I can during the upcoming years. I’m eternally grateful for my training with Team Summit, and for all the amazing times I had, year after year. 




From Gabe's Coaches

Watching Gabe grow into not just a good snowboarder but a great human is one of the highlights of my time with Team Summit. I hope when he looks back at his time with the team he will remember where he started on his snowboard. The progression is amazing, and it proves that if he works hard, there are so many things in life he can excel at. I’m pretty confident that with the way he carries himself, he’s going to excel at a lot of things, and I’m proud to know that I could be a small part in helping him discover that about himself.

Violet Heisler

After many years, it’s going to be hard to see Violet graduate.  Over the years, Violet continually amazed us with her perseverance - especially when it pertained to the social aspect of our sport.  As one of only a few young ladies each season in the Big Mountain program, she was always a bright light of happiness and conversation.  While it would often take some heckling and a bit of push to convince her to hit an air or ski a little bit faster, she always embraced the challenge within skiing and will no doubt continue the theme into her careers after Team Summit.  Starting next fall she will travel to Iowa to become a Hawkeye, and without a doubt will stand out with her charismatic personality and diverse background.

Abby Schneirholz

Congratulations Abby!  Thank you for contributing to our team!  We wish you the best in your collegiate endeavors!

From Abby

Hey everyone! Many of you probably know me, but if you don’t, my name is Abby Schierholz. I am a senior at Summit High, and I have been racing for Team Summit for the past five seasons. I would say the best things I got out of my time at Team Summit were the life long friendships I made with my teammates, as well as the experiences and lessons I learned along the way. My best memories are from getting to travel with the team, from places as close as Winter Park to as far away as Europe, and everywhere in between. Through these many adventures, I have gotten to know my teammates not just as friends, but as my family. We have done so much together, and despite all, we go through I will always remember the bond we made over the years. My favorite memories are always going to be the racing, and getting to compete in the coolest sport on the planet in the most beautiful places, alongside my best friends. Two of the races I remember particularly well were in Taos, New Mexico. We stayed in our coach, John Krone’s cabin. The first time we went, it snowed almost three feet overnight. I had never seen that much snow in one storm, and we spent hours on end trying to shovel ourselves out of the driveway. It was worth it however, because the following day we had the best powder day I had ever experienced, and still got to race the next. The next season we went down to Taos again, and I remember it being so fun because the cabin is in the woods where there is no service, and we played games outside for hours on end, falling in the river, climbing trees, hiding in bushes, and playing tag. I know we are a ski team, but for some reason, my favorite memories are the ones we make off the hill together. Again, when we were in Switzerland, hiking the alps and just exploring are things I will remember for the rest of my life. (I mean along with the breathtaking views and the great summer training). No one really understands ski racing, and why it requires so much time and effort put into it, but I think that is what makes me love the sport so much. The time off-snow is important, every minute spent on snow counts, and even doing well in school and working hard in everything else, so it is possible. It’s not like football or soccer, where you have a few months then move onto another sport, it is a lifelong commitment. As long as you are in the sport, you are constantly working to achieve your goals and be better, no matter how hard it may be. To me, this is a pretty cool concept. I am so very grateful for everything I have experienced through being a part of this program and team, and would not trade it for the world. I have learned so many valuable life lessons of comradery, dedication, and especially hard work. Coming into the program not knowing anything about racing, I’d say I both improved my skiing and myself as a person. I think the hardest part of senior year ending early was having ski season cut short, especially since I won't get to come back next year. I am going to miss spending time on the hill after school, my amazing coaches, the memories made, and my best friends. Next year, I am headed off to CU Boulder to major in biomedical engineering on the pre-vet track, through a Women in Engineering Scholarship, and also to waterski! I was accepted into the global engineering RAP, where I will be living, and working on engineering projects throughout the world. I will also spend time learning more Spanish to prepare for studying abroad, as one of the requirements of the RAP is being strong in a second language. I hope to continue ski racing on the club team at CU, and spend as much free time as I have in the mountains freeskiing as well. Skiing will always be a huge part of me, no matter where my life takes me, and I am so glad I was able to have the great experiences on this team that I did, and can never thank all my coaches and teammates enough for all they have done for me over the past five seasons.

From Abby's Coach

It’s been a true pleasure watching Abby mature and grow as both a ski racer and a young lady over the last two years. She exemplifies what a good teammate and sportswoman team Summit hopes to create. Her efforts on the snow at training and races set a high bar for those around her to follow. Whether it is a good day or a bad day she has a caring eye out for her teammates and is always willing to help those around her with a smile.   Abby will be missed by all her teammates and the coaching staff. We wish her great success in her future and I am sure she will succeed in whichever endeavor she pursues.  Best of luck Abby!!
Doug Elsey

John Strabel

Hockey player turned big mountain in his senior year, John was a bit of a mystery to us all at first. He didn’t bat an eye though and showed up with a grin on his face excited to make a leap into a much less formal sport.  Somehow at our New Years camp in Utah, we discovered that he was much better in the air while flipping rather than a straight air - something that bewildered the coaching staff.  Although it was a brief few months with John, it was certainly productive and we’re fairly certain he was happy with his decision to exchange the stick and puck for skis and poles.

Hails Traficanti

With Hails graduating we lose a very responsible and caring individual; and I truly wish we had another year with him.  To some extent, I think skiing “saved” Hails, but not from anything traumatic. However, this season I noticed a massive increase in his drive towards his goals in all shapes and sizes.  It’s always a feat to travel from the front range each weekend for training and competitions, but I could tell it was the highlight of Hails’ week.  The passion came in the form of questions usually, but he was always spot-on with the next step of progression in his skiing.  Hails will continue his inquisitive nature into college, and we can only hope wherever his next step is that he will always drop by and say hello on the hill.

Ellie Weiler

Congratulations Ellie!  It has been incredible watching you grow and continue to challenge yourself.  We wish you the best in your future endeavors. 

From Ellie

I started skiing when I was 4 years old and I started snowboarding when I was about 7. My first introduction to Team Summit was when I guest rode with them for a boardercross competition in 2014. I fully joined the snowboard program the next year in 2015.

It is super hard to choose my favorite Team Summit memory because there are so many. One that stands out is from my first year of Academy during early season. We had the Woodward Barn to ourselves and my coach, Josh Underwood, got a semi-circle used for tumbling from the spring floor, stood in the foam pit with it over his head so that we could try hand drags and miller flips over it into the foam pit. We had to drop in off of the skater drop in for small to get enough speed for it. Another memory is going to  Mt. Hood in the summers, with the freezing water of the river and cliff jumping. The Slash and Burn Banked Slalom the past two years at Steamboat have also been really fun and memorable.

My plans after graduation are to take online classes through Colorado Mountain College and work towards an Associate of Arts degree while pursuing competitive snowboarding. I hope to start competing internationally next season and traveling to Canada and Europe in the future for snowboarding. I also want to go to New Zealand during the summer as I was unable to attend last year because of my ACL reconstruction and meniscus surgery recovery.

I am almost a year out from my surgery which was April 30, 2019, and everything has been going great with my knee and I feel stronger than ever. I got about 5 fully cleared weeks of snowboarding this year and that included Snowboarder Magazines Ms. Superpark at Eldora and the Slash and Burn Banked Slalom.

Thank you Team Summit and all my coaches for everything that you have taught me, not only as a snowboarder, but as a person.


From Ellie's Coaches

Here’s what we have learned about Ellie during her years with Team Summit - She’s one of the most genuinely nice humans on the mountain while also simultaneously wanting to destroy you in competition. Ellie finds the good in everything, works hard to keep a positive outlook in all circumstances, and genuinely roots for her teammates and peers to succeed. You have probably seen this side of her many times on the hill. You may have seen her encouraging someone else when they are learning a trick. Maybe you got a high five from her when you pushed yourself to do something new. Or you might have even noticed her take time away from her own riding to come watch you take your competition run so you felt supported by your teammates and friends. I have vivid memories of Ellie saying “That’s so sick” after watching Karis, Bodie, Isaac, or many other snowboarders do something progressive. You might know that side of Ellie. Do you know the other Ellie? The super competitive Ellie that wants to be the best at everything she does? Maybe you know that side of Ellie if you stood at the top of a competition start area before the second run, and she had just fallen on the first run. As a coach, you try to be calm and say all the right things to get them in the right mindset to perform their best. Meanwhile, Ellie patiently listens and nods, waits for you to finish your inspirational speech, and just says “I got this”. Far more often than not, she’s right. Maybe you think it’s not that uncommon to get super competitive during competition times. I would say you are right, but there is a big difference between wanting to win, which everyone does, and having the will to win. But if you still aren’t convinced, I could tell you about how Ellie will try things she would never think of when even a little friendly competition is introduced. There was the time she hiked the large jump in Freeway to do her first spin ever over a big jump simply because there were points on the line for her team during the Jimmy Points Challenge. No boys on her team hiked that jump by the way. Or how she stepped up to frequently get noticed at her first Ms. Superpark because she wants to be at the top of the list, not just fit in. However, if you truly know Ellie, you can witness her competitiveness if you are willing to challenge her to a game of Mario Kart. Many of her teammates have learned this lesson the hard way. Here’s a tip, make sure the track isn’t Rainbow Road. She’ll crush you, but you can bet she’ll be as nice about it as humanly possible.