The David McBride Award - Karis Stang

The David McBride Award

For Outstanding Academics

Karis Stang


Karis Stang is a 10th grade Academy Snowboard athlete at Snowy Peaks High School.  Karis not only excels on the slopes but in the classroom.  He has shown the same dedication to his academics as he has his athletics.  Karis is dedicated to his personal growth and goals, and he has an incredible work ethic to accompany this mindset.  Not only is Karis bright, but he is successful because of how much time he spends on academics.  If Karis isn't out competing, then he can usually be found at school working on math problems.  He's honest and mature for his age with a steady focus on success. 

Karis, Thank you for showing Summit County the best of Team Summit!   


David McBride Award For Outstanding Academics

David McBride was an English teacher and first district coordinator of the "early release" program at Summit High School.  Together with the founders of the Summit Race Team, David devised and oversaw the program -- the first of its kind -- wherein students could substitute ski training for PE credit.
Within the program, coaches were CHAASA trained and certified, grades were given and kids had to maintain 76% or higher in all classes to participate.  
This award is given to one athlete who represents high scholastic achievement while maintaining outstanding academics throughout the year.

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