Fred Turner Award - Cupp, Dean, & Faison

Fred Turner Award

For Outstanding Volunteer Service

Erica Cupp 
Cindy Dean
Amanda Faison

Erica, Amanda, and Cindy at the RQS Championship in Arapahoe Basin

The three of these ladies are presumably attached at the hips.  You can’t recognize one of them without the other two.  These three ladies are well known in the Freeski community for their energy and community outreach.  Though this year, they stepped it up a notch. 

This year they took on a full 4-day event at Arapahoe Basin.  Starting early in the season, they met with Chris Carson to set up a plan then proceeded to organize and implement the event almost flawlessly.

All the while, they were educating the new events manager on the subtleties of Mogul Events.

On the first day of the event, the three arrived with a strong crew to help move things around and get the event up and running, leaving very little for Carson and the Event’s Manager to do.

Thank you Erica, Cindy, and Amanda for all your help and support of our community.  Well done on the RQS Championships!

Fred Turner Award For Outstanding Volunteer Service

Fred Turner is the local owner of Taco Bell, and was an early participant with the Summit Race Team as a volunteer coach.  
Fred went on to become a BOD member and eventual president of the organization, ushering the SRT to the height of its existence and expertly steering the organization through growth and mergers in the late '90s... all in a volunteer capacity.
Volunteers are the backbone of all the Team Summit activities and we truly appreciate each and every volunteer.  

Nominees and Honorable Mentions
- Holly Robinson
- Lisa Cheek
- Joanne Harris
- Krista Dhawornvej