The Gene Gillis Award - Alex Strachan


The Gene Gillis Award

For Outstanding Athletics

Alex Strachan

Alex came into the season just firing right away!  He started the season with back 2’s onto tubes and an incredibly strong rail game.  Basically, telling us: “this guy is going to have a really big year!”

Through the season he took his rail game into the jump line and the progress showed.  A highlight of this progression would be his cork 7.   Alex Strachan is very much a younger up and comer who we should all watch moving into the future.

Congratulations Alex!

Gene Gillis Award For Outstanding Athletics

This award is presented to one athlete in each discipline for outstanding results.  Gene Gillis was an Olympian and a founder of the Copper Mountain Race Team back in the 1970s.  in 1980, along with Mark Jones, Corky McDonald, and Fred Turner, Gene started the Summit Race Team, which provided full-time Alpine ski training for the first time in Summit.  His wife, Ina, passed away in March 2019.  Until her death, she lived in their house which is now surrounded by development in the River Run Village at Keystone.  

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