A Letter From the Executive Director

As we head into the holiday weekend Team Summit is wrapping up a productive week. But if there's one take-a-way from this week it's flexibility. 

Since my last email, we have had two great meetings with Copper Mountain. The main take-a-way is they value Team Summit and they are making accommodations for our programs this season. It is exciting to know and we have begun working internally as well as with resort on both training and competition plans. We are finalizing the details on our MOU over the next few weeks and then we will be ready to begin issuing pass vouchers and other opportunities at Copper. 

Our other resort partners have also affirmed they value Team Summit and that they are making plans that consider our operations. That is pretty vague and they have said over the 2-3 weeks we will have a better read on what the season will look like. 

While we desire definitive answers from the resorts as soon as possible, the resorts are in the same situation with state and county health officials. Before they can lock down operating plans with us, they need to know their operating limits from health authorities. As those answers begin to finalize with the various health departments we will be able to create effective operating with the resorts. 

While the resorts are working with the health department and we are working with the resorts, the Team Summit Leadership Team is spending every morning crafting our operating plans for the season. Some things that you can prepare for are:

  • Packed lunches and snacks will be necessary for full-day programs. This will provide flexibility to find less crowded locations and times to take breaks. 
  • Pick up and drop off will include a verbal symptom check. 
  • Pick up and drop off locations and processes will be different to maximize efficient traffic flow and eliminate the need for parents to leave their vehicles and congregate. 
  • Masks will be required to be on and covering the mouth and nose at all times except when making a run in the course.
  • We will operate in a manner that maintains 6' distancing whenever possible. 
  • Our lift procedures will follow resort recommendations. 
  • Athletes will need a small bottle of hand-sanitizer in their coat pocket. 
  • Some of our programs will have adjusted start and end dates due to later opening dates at some resorts. 
  • Competition schedules and operations will be different than in years past. 

All of these processes are necessary to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19. And they are also necessary for Team Summit to be in compliance with state and county regulations to operate. We will have the details before your first training day and your head coach will share your specific details in plenty of time for you to make plans. 

The other thing that is on many people's mind is, will I get a refund if the season is shortened? The Team Summit Executive Committee, Leadership Team, Finance Committee, and Board of Directors have spent countless hours in August working through various models of refund policies. some of us have been working even longer. Our goal is to have a policy ready before October 15 when tuition is due. That will give you time to make your final decision before the payment deadline. 

In the good news department, Team Summit is registration across the board is booming. We are one of the few teams in the nation that had a full summer of on snow and conditioning opportunities. The training was great and registrations were at an all-time high in all of our programs. 

Our Mountain Bike team nearly quadrupled in size this summer. 

Right now registration for this season is also up 60% year over year. This is really exciting. But for this reason, I encourage you to register soon. This will give us better data as we plan for the season, hire staff, and work with our resort partners. If we get to October 15 and you aren't comfortable with our plans you can withdraw. 

Our momentum is high and we are excited to be a leading youth development and ski and snowboard organization. 

I will continue to share weekly updates. And any critical news I will get out as soon as it is confirmed. 

I love this sport and the role it plays in developing high-quality athletes and citizens. I am enthusiastic about our opportunity to continue to deliver the best in competitive ski and snowboard education.

It is critical to be patient as the health regulations evolve and come with a mindset that we need to be flexible as conditions develop through the season. With those two attitudes, we will be prepared for a great season. 


C.B. Bechtel
Team Summit Colorado - Executive Director
tel:(970) 968-3080

"To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift." - Steve Prefontaine