The Peter Witter Award - Maddie Morton


The Peter Witter Award

For Outstanding Sportsmanship

Maddie Morton

This award is for outstanding sportsmanship.  The nominees for this award were Colby Fields, Deitrich Schroeder, and Maddie Morton.  The Winner is Maddie Morton.  Maddie has such a positive attitude all the time and can bring out the best in her teammates older and younger in any circumstance. 

Maddie is always pumped to be riding her snowboard in the park, pipe, pow, and racecourse. 

Maddie Morton understands how to work hard and pushes others to do the same.    

Congratulations Maddie!

Peter Witter Award For Outstanding Sportsmanship

This award is presented to one athlete in each discipline who has shown a consistent positive attitude towards the Team and the community. 
Peter Witter was a founding Summit Race Team Parent and architect, involved with the initial planning and development of Keystone Resort.  His son, Ian, has a home in Frisco and was the Summit Race Team as "an all-around super nice kid," epitomizing the qualities of Outstanding Sportsmanship. 

Colby Feilds
Deitrich Schroeder


Dylan Smith


Collin Hassel


Maddie Morton