Team Summit's At Home Workout Series - Week 6

Week 6 | Day 3

Team Summit's At-Home Workout Series
Week 6 ┃ Day 3

Hey Team Summit families,

While many of us are staying at home, Team Summit will be putting out 3 workouts per week to help you keep moving. The workouts will utilize little or no special equipment, just an open area in any room.  As athletes, we understand how difficult it is for you to sit still.

Please remember to warm up for at least 5 minutes prior to each exercise session. Drink plenty of water throughout each day and eat nutritious meals.  When we get past this time you will be ready to hit the ground running!

Week 6     |      Day 1

3 rounds, rest 3 minutes between each round
-Tuck Jumps        x10
-Split Jumps        x10
-Supine Hip Extension           x20
-Drop Squats       x10
-Ankle Hops         x20
Rest 3 minutes and finish with 1 set of 3 minutes:

Week 6 | Day 2

5 rounds, rest 2 minutes between each
-Single Leg, Squat Jumps     x5 Left
x 5 Right
 -Close Hands, Plyo Push Ups       x6-8
-Good Mornings        x15
-Supine Hip Bridge, Marching        x20
-Hollow Hold 30 seconds

Week 6 | Day 3

4 rounds, rest 2 minutes between each round
-Single Leg Push Off     x10 Left
                                                 x10 Right
-Jump Squats                   x10
-Skater Hops                    x20
Rest 1 minute between each set
-Feet Elevated, Pike Push Up 4x8-10

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These workouts are also great to help keep you in shape for Mountain Bike Season.  
Team Summit's Mountain Bike Program will be starting June 30th, 2020.