U14 RC Championships Recap

Recap of the U14 RC Championships at Steamboat

As many know, the U14 RC Championship was cut short due to concerns over public safety.  Team Summit sent five athletes to Steamboat Springs to compete in the championships and they all ranked in the top 30% of their field.  More importantly, Team Summit's crew brought a positive, supportive and respectful energy to this incredible event.  Here's what Tina Buchheister, TSC coach, had to say about the event:

We have just returned from the U14 Rocky Central Championships at Steamboat Springs. We are proud of our great group of athletes representing TSC. They worked hard all season and have also shown focus, determination, and support for each other at the Champs!

It was fun to watch them realize the hard work has paid off.  They achieved race podiums and their personal podiums with inspired runs against the best athletes in their division (97 girls and 100 boys competing).   Hopefully, this experience gives them the motivation to work even harder in the years to come!

The Championships were cut a little short due to current health concerns, but we’re glad we had a chance to be a part of what was possible.

E2586E9A-D982-4972-ADEF-A9AF6749ED04.jpegGetting ready for inspection!


3F673CCF-F146-4FD2-A2FA-4A98AED8AEBA.jpegAll of our athletes showed great support and respect for each other and for other competitors, coaches, and race officials.


550045F8-7CCC-4D34-8E76-ECCA9ED1F9AD.jpegVery proud of this group of athletes
(from left):
Niko Leunig, Stella Buchheister, Carter Gillet, Karlie Cooledge, Adriana Kahanek with John Anderson and Tina Buchheister as coaches.


E97DE659-8E66-4C31-93EB-09D3185C3C20.jpegWe had fun at the Opening Ceremonies Karlie Coolidge, Stella Buccheister, and Adriana Kahanek​​​​​​​.


78F900BD-8DD4-4D03-8E31-D466A3A55BEE.jpegTeam Summit introduction at the Opening Ceremonies.


D3950AE2-CB90-4966-B529-CA8CA65D9A27.jpegGS Women’s podium:
Stella Buchheister-5th place​​​​​​​


FFC136F9-0691-4FA5-94BA-290A045CD2D2.jpegStella Buchheister was awarded the Sportsmanship Award!​​​​​​​

D7D5151F-1FCB-4039-AF7B-9F8E75011D11.jpegStella Buchheister-6th place

Race results:

3/11 - Super G
Stella Buchheister-7th place
Niko Leunig-27th

3/12 - GS:
Stella Buchheister-5th (am) and 8th(pm)

3/13 - SL:
Stella Buchheister-8th(am) and 9th(pm)
Adriana Kahanek-24th
Karlie Cooledge-30th
Niko Leunig-29th(am) and 23rd(pm)
Carter Gillet-30th

Overall Championship:
Stella Buchheister-6th

Sportsmanship Award: Stella Buchheister