The David McBride Award

Maddie Morton

The David Mcbride Award

For Outstanding Academics

Maddie Morton

Maddie is a 7th grade Snowboarder at Summit Middle School. Maddie is ultra focused on getting her academics completed with high scores and being on pace in progress.  She is proactive to get ahead on work, communicates well with her teachers about her schedule and is really conscientious about the work she completes, including note taking.  She is organized in all aspects.  Maddie is also a fabulous athlete on the slopes.

Congratulations Maddie on representing Team Summit well in all aspects!  We are so proud of you and lucky to have you as a valuable member of our team.


The David McBride Award for Outstanding Academics

David McBride was an English teacher and first district coordinator of the "early release" program at  Summit High School.  Together with the founders of the Summit Race Team, David devised and  oversaw the program -- the first of its kind -- wherein students could substitute ski training for PE credit. Within the program, coaches were CHAASA trained and certified, grades were given, and kids had to maintain greater than a 75% in all classes (beyond the typical eligibility) to participate.  This award is for 1 athlete only that presents high scholastic achievement, maintaining outstanding academics throughout the year. Specifically, it is for the student-athlete with the highest GPA of all enrolled.

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