The Don Sather Award - Alyssa Moroco


The Don Sather Award

For Excellence in Snowboarding

Alyssa Moroco

This is the top honor in our snowboard program.  This award is for excellence in snowboarding.  We define excellence as hard work + results = excellence. 

The nominees for this award all achieved some high honors this season.  Karis Stang won a futures tour earning a spot on Norams for 20/21.  Tommy Brown finished 2nd in the country for Big Mountain Snowboarding.  And the winner Alyssa Moroco completed a long list of goals this season. 

Alyssa’s season started with a big goal setting session at New Zealand summer camp last year.  I, Matty V,  personally held Alyssa to the goals that we set early in the season.  A standard that was pretty high for a new FIS aged snowboarder.  Alyssa crushed the gym sessions last summer and fall, showing up 9 hours/ week to work out.  Her work ethic in the off-season set her up for the results she pulled in season.  Alyssa managed to place 2nd in 2 futures tours earning a spot on the Noram tour for 20/21 and also made finals in one of the final Noram stops in 2020.  This will set Alyssa up to continue to work on harder lines to work her way through the Noram tour and into world cups in the next couple of years. 

Congratulations Alyssa!

Don Sather Award For Excellence in Snowboarding

This award is for one Snowboard athlete whose work ethic and competitive results are consistent with excellence, competitive spirit, and drive.  
Don Sather owned “Big Horn Materials” in Silverthorne, pioneered the Summit County's first Snowboard program, and helped drive Snowboarding into the Olympics through his efforts in USASA. Don had a daughter who was one of the first Summit High School athletes to pursue the early release program in Snowboarding. Don worked with David McBride and the district to make snowboarding programs reach the same level as skiing during the late 1980s when snowboarding was just taking off.

Karis Stang
Tommy Brown