The Pay It Forward Award

Chance Grummer

The Pay It Forward Award

For Athlete Community Service

Chance Grummer

The Pay It Forward Award for Athlete’s Community Service goes to the athlete who logs the most service hours in our community and Team Summit.  This year the award goes to Chance Grummer.

Chance is an incredibly energetic and enthusiastic young athlete.  Most notable for his bright yellow helmet, Chance is always friendly and supporting both his teammates and competitors on-hill.

This energy transfers to helping others when his family is volunteering.  While many kids his age will use that time to watch a movie on their phone, or meander for hours, Chance will ask everyone if there is something he can do to help.  He has an internal drive to help and be a part of the community.  From organizing skis and snowboards at the ski swap, to miscellaneous tasks around the office, Chance Grummer fully deserves the Pay It Forward Award!

Thanks Chance!


Pay It Forward Award For Athlete’s Community Service

This award is presented to a Team Summit athlete who logs the most community service hours for the season.



Walker Robinson - Thank you for always offering to help US Ski and Snowboard, Team Summit and Community events!

The Adam's Brothers - Thank you for always having such a great attitude and eagerness to help!

Kai Boyer - Thank you for your help at Alpine events!