Snowboard Updates - December 30th, 2020

Snowboard Updates - December 30th, 2020

As the holiday training comes to a close competitions begin.  I want to remind everyone of the three ways parents can help their kids be good competitors, good people, and good snowboarders.  Many of our contests are judged events.  Judged events are quite subjective.  What scores well one day might not score so well the next event.  A kid can place well one week and not so well the next.  Sometimes kids place poorly with their best performances and place well with mediocre performances.  The three points help you, the parent, help your snowboarder navigate snowboard competition and provide a roadmap to success for their future.

1.  Practice Positive Self Talk- "Don't say Don't and Can't say Can't"  positive self talk does not guarantee good performance but negative talk guarantees poor performance.

2. Praise your snowboarder for their effort more than the result-  This encourages the kids to try new things and makes them more willing to take on the next challenge (which is usually harder than the previous challenge).  Telling your snowboarder you love to watch them ride is a simple way to praise their efforts.

3.  Snowboarding is Fun.  Fun does change through the years, but if it's fun (and not wreckless) it's not wrong.

 I don't know what the contests will look like for intro to Team Summit this season but it is never to early to start practicing the 3 points to being a good snowboard parent.


Most of the kids will be competing in USASA contests.  The contests we will be participating in are on the Team Summit Calendars.  Sign up for USASA contests is at  There is also more info on the "team app".  Search your app store for the "team app"  then search for USASA Rocky Mountain Series once in the app.  The Team App is used for just about every snowboard contest out there.


301 kids can participate in Big Mountain events.  We are aiming to do the Abasin event and Breckenridge event.  Info for this can be found at and  We are still waiting on registration dates.

101 and 201 kids will have the opportunity to participate in a U12 big mountain event at Monarch on Feb. 25th and hopefully one more at Ski Cooper.  If you have questions about Big Mountain events please let me or your coach know.


For those that have questions on tuning (hot wax) and want to learn the process we will do a zoom tuning session in my garage on Saturday 5pm  here is the link. ;

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