Snowboard Updates - February 16th, 2021

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Snowboard Updates - February 16th, 2021

We all knew it would be a challenging year.  Warmer and Dryer weather patterns have not made it easier.  Contests are being canceled and rescheduled rather quickly at this time.  USASA has also extended the competition season into April.  There are still a lot of contests on the Horizon.  We are also working with Woodward to host some spring camps through the month of May.  As these contests come and go it is important to remember that snowboarding is a sport where practice can actually be more fun than the games.  Snowboarding is special because progression can and does happen everywhere.  Whether or not contests get cancelled, we will always have progression to celebrate at home in Summit County.

We are thankful for the FIS contests that we are able to participate in keeping some of our older and more advanced riders going with their competitive ambitions.  We are also thankful for the local USASA regional events we have been able to participate in for the younger riders.  We look forward to things being less chaotic and having a national championships next year.  But for now we are excited to see the progression that the kids will experience this spring.

Thank you,